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Our philosophy of success is based on the quality of the submitted work. Skill, expertise and continuous technological advancement make us a rapidly developing and progressive company that can qualitatively and quantitatively cover the needs of our customers.

We don't accept clichés.

Simply put, your success depends on you and also on who you surround yourself with. At the beginning of CODERAMA, there were two enthusiasts with a vision to build a software house that would firmly stand behind the success of other companies. After more than 16 years, we are trusted by more than 60+ clients, whom we help to grow steadily. We are happy to transform your vision into sophisticated solutions. We are silent digital heroes who step in whenever you feel like it.

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We are not experts in everything, but we have experts for everything. We face challenges with determination and like to break down barriers. Entrust your project in our hands, we will tailor an agile team of specialists and turn your ideas into a sophisticated and digital gem.

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CODERAMA is regularly growing and developing. That's why you can find our DEV offices in 6 cities across Slovakia.

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