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Fraud prevention pool - FPP

Fraud prevention pool - FPP

FPP was created for a telecom domain in order to exchange information about insolvent clients. The new FPP replaces the old system with a range of new services and technologies and a complete migration of data from the old system.

CRIF (Germany)
Type of project
Backend implementation and migration for private customers and companies (migration of the data, services, customers to the new backend using a new technologies microservices and integration between various systems like CSP, IDENT, SCORING)
2020 - 2023


The main task of CODERAMA people on this project was to improve the quality of the back-end side of the software and to identify the most sensitive areas of the software that needed to be tested. Another objective was to automate different business or technical scenarios involving "corner cases" in order to see the reaction of the new system when integrated with e.g. CSP or IDENT.


CODERAMA arranged the whole testing process. By selecting the appropriate framework, tools and metrics, we built the test plan. We also provided internal testing activities covering testing of common sprint tasks, new features, finding bugs and inconsistencies, preparing reports and deliverables, interacting with other team members such as BA's, DEV's, BO's, PM's. For the business test activity, the main objective was to prepare acceptance tests for partial and final "acceptance" with full automation of these test cases using ReadyAPI involving MS SQL scripts covering the database layer.


This project resulted in a functional, seamless system suitable for client use.

Word from a developer

I found this project very interesting because I encountered different situations where various technical and logical problems had to be solved and in the end a functional solution had to be delivered. I also have to praise the excellent cooperation with the Polish and German team.

Lubomir Belaj

Senior Tester



Asseco CE (Slovakia)