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We are a long-term partner of large and fast-growing companies whose business model is based on efficient and fine-tuned software solutions. We specialize in the development of complex solutions in various fields and technologies.

Our team consists of a wide range of IT specialists, who, thanks to their knowledge and professional approach, are able to process the ideas and needs of our clients into workable results.

The quality of delivered work is centered on our philosophy of success.

Skill, expertise and continuous technological advancement make us a fast-developing and progressive company. We are able to fulfill the quality and quantity of our customers’ needs.

Co-owner Matej Štafurik

Matej Štafurik


Co-owner Daniel Beke

Daniel Beke


CEO Matej Facuna

Matej Facuna


COO Jan Tinák

Jan Tinák


CTO Karol Sládeček

Karol Sládeček


HR manager Zuzana Repaňová

Zuzana Repaňová

HR manager

Sales manager Jens Kušnír

Jens Kušnír

Sales manager

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Instead of "experts for everything" we have FOR EVERYTHING experts.

We don't promise, we act. We are constantly learning and growing. We adapt to market requirements and transform our clients' ideas into functional solutions. We are proud that the people in our team are part of the highest quality IT elite in Slovakia.

IT špecialisti C++

C# Developers

IT developers JAVA

Java Developers

REACT developers

React Developers

Angular developers

Angular Developers

Vue programátor

VueJS Developers

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Our story


New chapter

The rapid development of the company, expansion of the team and many opportunities to work on new projects have moved us to organize ourselves more efficiently and this has therefore resulted in a new identity. We are changing the company name and brand. SIGP has changed to CODERAMA.

Our approach to our clients and the quality of the projects we deliver remain unchanged. We have grown and we continue to expand. We are looking for new challenges and opportunities along with new colleagues with whom we will continue to improve our market position.


Coderama logo v Tatrách

2018 - 2021

A family business turns into a big company, which, at this time, employs 60 developers.

We reach a new significant milestone, with the company's revenue exceeding EUR 4 million. We grow across Slovakia and establish new Slovak branches in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica and Martin. Our team continues to grow and, at the end of 2018, 25 new people are added. Despite the pandemic, a strong 2020 brings us new clients such as ČSOB, TELEKOM, TSS, uniCORE and Aviloo.

The number of developers does not grow very much, but our year-on-year turnover grows by almost 20%. In 2021 our management team grows again and we start to develop our own product.

Zamestnanci Coderama na turistike v horách

2015 - 2017

Thanks to our cooperation with the UK, we become an international company.

Daniel Beke brings into the company new big clients such as Škoda AUTO, Notino or Megaubytovanie and becomes CEO and CO-OWNER of the company.

With the addition of the company, Asseco, we become a million dollar company in 2017.

We achieve outstanding results in the development of innovative and efficient software solutions.

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2006 - 2014

In 2006 we start as a family company SIGP under the leadership of Matej Štafurik.

A year later, we gain our first big client - Hewlett & Packard, with whom we still work today. In 2010, we are still a small team ( 10 programmers), but thanks to lean management we are able to manage a wide portfolio of projects. With the arrival of Daniel Beke (at that time still a programmer in the team, now Co-owner of the company), the team is growing and gaining new momentum. Our revenue grows and so does the team.

At the end of 2014 there are already 30 people in the company.

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