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Remote / Project rotation / Referral bonus of 2000€ / Work & Travel.
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We know that if you're the best, you can work for anyone.

That's why we offer you, in addition to great BENEFITS, an adequate salary. Fill in our questionnaire and we will give you an estimate of your future salary at CODERAMA based on your experience.

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You'll really enjoy working with us

You will work with the best

We will only grow as a company if you develop your skills, too. Therefore, we provide you with the best and latest technology to work with. Do you need to improve your skill in a certain area? We will reimburse you for training, workshops, courses.

In addition, you will work with a number of colleagues who are already among the best and will be happy to help you in your work. Whether you're a junior or medior and need to improve your skills, or you're a senior Java developer and would like to learn something from a seasoned fellow colleague skilled in Angular, you'll never stagnate with us.

Limited bureaucracy

We live in the 21st century so we don't need you to sit in the office from nine to five or punch in when arriving at the office. Instead, it’s important to deliver on agreed deadlines. If you're more efficient in the evening, use that time for work. It makes more sense and brings in more benefit. If you'd like to go skiing or BBQ-ing on a Friday, you may organize your work so that you don't have to code all week.

Práca za počítačom
You will be able to work on interesting projects

You will work for the best. Our portfolio is full of big clients from Slovakia and abroad. Within the industries we serve, you'll find everything from banking, healthcare, e-commerce, even to automotive or logistics. A job with us will add a new dimension to your work because you'll be an important part of big things.

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Telefón v ruke
Homeoffice / remote-friendly

You are where you are because you are happy there, you have your life / family / circle of friends there. We understand that, and that's why we're 99% fine with you working from anywhere. We reserve 1% of your presence for joint events, which you should definitely not miss! Do you need to go to the chancellery because it's hard for you to concentrate at home, the neighbors are knocking over the steaks, or you simply need help with a project? Our office spots, which are currently in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Martina, Košice and Žilina, are available to you at any time, 24/7.

Teambuilding s pivom v ruke
Stability ≠ boredom. The possibility of project rotation

At Coderama you'll have a stable job. So, you will never have to worry about being stuck with nothing to do. We have people in our team who choose to work on one project for a long time. At the same time, we also have people who would like to gain experience from different sectors. Therefore, in the case you may need a change, thanks to the possibility to rotate projects, we are able to switch you to another client after agreement. You can always come to an agreement with us. The main thing is that you enjoy doing your job.


Join the IT elite
and enjoy CODERAMA benefits.

Work and travel

If your place or town is small, don't be afraid to fly out. If you are able to work efficiently while travelling, we don’t insist on you staying at home. In addition, we offer you the possibility to work remotely from our shared spots. Work from a Croatian beach or a cottage by the High Tatras mountains. A change of scenery is never a bad thing, so we fully understand if you occasionally move elsewhere in order to work.

Auto na pláži
Teamwork & Teambuilding & Family

Life is not just about work. To be effective in the long term, you might need to experience new things, see new places, meet new people. Some mornings, you can enjoy breakfast with Coderama colleagues. We regularly organize teambuilding activities, barbecues and sporting events. You don't have to worry about not getting along with someone, because when we hire someone new, we also care that they fit in the team. There’s a bunch of us, so tell us what your interests are and we'll show you at least 5 people you'll get along with.

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Teambuilding v parku
Good salary

Whoever says that money doesn't matter probably has plenty of it. Money is important and we know that. That's why we will pay you adequately for your skills. Send us your CV and see how much you could earn with your skills. Plus, we have a referral bonus! If you recommend a new capable colleague who convinces us of his/her abilities, you will get two thousand euros as a bonus.

Rozhovor osôb
Hedepa psychological counseling center

Psychotherapy is effective and not limited to serious psychological problems. For every employee, we provide the possibility of a free online anonymous session in the Hedepa psychological counseling center. We cover all costs because we care about the mental health of our people. In addition, we regularly organize webinars on various topics related to psychology and mental health for our employees.

Žena za pc

We like to offer our employees favorable benefits. We are partners of the bike seller KubicaŠport, BeLenka barefoot shoes and Dreamcare massages, which means that you can use their products and services at a discount. In addition, we provided our employees with a special opportunity - for five months they can rent a company Multivan in Iceland for free and thus travel this beautiful country with their friends or family. We are proud of our exceptional benefits that improve the comfort, health and relaxation of our employees.