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Software development outsourcing


We are a stable and reliable partner in the provision of IT outsourcing services. We support our partners in the development of their IT solutions in all phases and provide entire teams or individual capacities.
Available IT specialists

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Available IT specialists

Discover win-win cooperation with CODERAMA

Our proven IT experts can cover the individual phases of your project - from design and technical specification, through implementation to management and maintenance. With a team of more than 150 IT professionals, you are ready to turn your ideas into quality digital results. We focus on long-term partnerships and adapt to market dynamics to meet growing development demands.

Come to IT outsourcing with CODERAMA and get access to top technological talent, lower costs, greater flexibility and faster implementation of your projects.

Advantages of IT outsourcing
with the Coderama team

Focus on business

By delegating the responsibility for IT development, you can fully concentrate on the core areas of your business.


You can choose from a wide range of IT specialists.


You can adapt the size of the team to current requirements.

Save money

You only pay for the hours you actually work. No vacation, no public holidays. You also save on equipment, the workplace, training and company benefits.

Save time

Save time on the difficult recruitment of IT specialists, which often leads to uncertain results. With us, you have IT specialists almost immediately.

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Why CODERAMA is your first choice

Slovak company in good condition

We have no foreign investors. We act sensibly and make decisions based on data with long-term organic growth.

We are not an agency

We know people by name. We have experience, know-how, our own infrastructure, facilities in 6 DEV offices throughout Slovakia, and much more.

We can (almost) do the impossible

The combination of our IT specialists and the internal motivation to do things professionally has often surprised our clients.

Professional and individual approach

An experienced account manager is at your full disposal. From the moment of team composition through capacity planning over time to management or performance evaluation.

Quality guarantee

Joining Coderama is not easy. The selection process consists of several rounds, which only 13% of IT specialists pass. If you are dissatisfied with the IT specialist, we provide a suitable replacement within the agreed time.

We care about people

Our employees are the ambassadors of Coderama. That's why we try to make them happy and create a working environment in which they can work satisfactorily with us.

and Technologies

We specialize in SW development in industries such as:

  • C#, .NET
  • JAVA
  • ReactJS, Angular, Vue
  • C/C++, Python
  • PHP
  • SAP
  • Analysis
  • Testing and QA
  • Devops
  • Project management
  • Scrum master

Let's work together on your digital success

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We emphasize efficient and fast processes, but at the same time we have high demands on quality. We thoroughly test developers before joining us and never hire anyone without passing our algorithmic tests/tasks. Thanks to this, instead of "experts in everything", we have experts FOR EVERYTHING.