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Coderama brainstorming v Žiline


Come with us and take a look behind the scenes of CODERAMA. See for yourself that we're fun to work with, we know how to work hard, we take pleasure in the success of every colleague and that we have a great time. We guarantee that once you get here, you will not want to leave!

Recent news

Check out the hottest and most exciting news from the life of DIGITAL HEROES and experience it with us!

We do CODEradosť project even beyond the borders of Slovakia!

In Zanzibar, we distributed parcels with school supplies to local children. Their smiles and grateful looks say more than a thousand words and bring us immense joy. For us, sharing and supporting education means making friends across national borders.

Our colleague Juraj and his difficult hike of Kala Patthar mountain

Juraj: "The main plan of the trip was to get to Everest Base Camp, from where climbers start their hike to Everest. We also wanted to climb Kala Patthar, which is located at 5644m (above sea level) and has a beautiful view of the highest mountain in the world. After the trek, we wanted to explore the culture and history of Nepal."

XII. Representation Ball of the Faculty of Management and Informatics

We were happy to support again XII. Representation Ball of the Faculty of Management and Informatics. We donated 3 material prizes to the raffle for the participants, which made the winners very happy. We also attended the ball, besides the great food we were very pleased with the band that entertained us throughout the night.

🎁 COMPETITION for fabulous prizes with CODERAMA!

Thanks to, you have the chance to win a stay for two people, a smartwatch, or headphones just for supporting us with your vote! 🚀 After years of hard work, we have been nominated among the TOP IT and telecommunications companies, and we are competing for the title of BEST EMPLOYER 2023! Link to vote:

CODEradosť - Supporting a Little Warrior in Nitra
We are delighted to have been part of another amazing project, CODEradosť, in the beautiful city of Nitra! This time, our help was directed towards a small, brave 5-year-old boy who will soon undergo a bone marrow transplant. We were happy to contribute with a financial donation to assist him during this challenging phase of life.
Teambuilding Survival Gothal Liptovská Osada 2023

Another great team-building event is behind us! On Saturday, September 9, 2023, in Liptovská Osada at the Gothal hotel resort, we had a joint team-building event in the style of Survival. The survival course, various tasks, and disciplines tested our team spirit, and good food and beer tested our friendships and cohesion.

Project CODEradosť in Košice

Together with the "Svetielko pomoci Košice" association, we helped 20 families! The CODEradosť project helps, and this time we realized the purchase of disinfection and hygiene products for 20 families with children suffering from cancer. Cooperation with the "Svetielko pomoci Košice" association enabled us to help them in these difficult times. We help those who need it most!

Project CODEradosť in Martin

We purchased materials and helped with painting and tearing down old tiles in a total of 4 classrooms. We are pleased to have been part of this renovation and that we achieved it together with a great team of volunteers - Ján, Michal, Rasťo, Matej, Laura, and Daniel. We believe that the new, fresh classrooms will bring joy and inspiration to all children from the new school year.

20th anniversary of Aschauer GmbH

We were invited to the 20th anniversary of Aschauer GmbH in a beautiful wine-growing environment near Vienna. Great food, wine and a pleasant atmosphere, the perfect mix for networking and broadening horizons. Mr. Aschauer presented the rich history of his company and 20 years of successful operation. He is one of our reliable clients and we appreciate the great cooperation with him.

Project CODEradosť in Žilina

This time we were happy to support "Letokruhy" social services Home in Žilina. We admire their active approach to innovation, so we decided to contribute to their new project - an emergency system to call a nurse directly to the patient's room. We believe that such a system will bring more safety and comfort to patients.

Opening party Bratislava

The opening party of the new office in Bratislava in June was fantastic! We had a great turnout and enjoyed a great meal together, symbolically toasted with champagne and talked about the future and plans. We believe that the new office will soon be occupied and we thank you for the meeting. We look forward to all that this new space will bring us.

Project CODEradosť in Banská Bystrica

On Saturday, May 27, 2023, we helped "OZ Koleso" civic association in Banská Bystrica to improve their bike trails in the Laskomerská valley. Six volunteers from the company took shovels and rakes in hand, and in a whole day, we improved dozens of meters of this trail. Thank you to the volunteers, and we are pleased to help others.

Company VW Multivan in Iceland

As part of our corporate benefits, we have provided a truly unforgettable experience for our employees! We drove the company VW Multivan to Iceland for them to enjoy a week-long trip with their family and friends. We are proud to also take care of the enjoyment and adventure of our Coderama family people!

Family Day in Žilina
Unforgettable Family Day in Žilina! We are thrilled to have welcomed more than 150 participants from our Coderama family. Children had a great time with animators, face painting, a bouncing castle, trampoline, and knitting. Adults also enjoyed goulash, barbecue, and fun games with their children. Thank you!
Project CODEradosť in Bratislava

The first institution we want to support is the "Lietavská" kindergarten in Bratislava. We are pleased to support this kindergarten financially so that it can revitalize its schoolyard and provide everything necessary for the children.

Bratislava in a new dress
In June, we moved to larger premises, but we still remain in the BBC 1 building. We now have a larger office, more space for developers, and especially a new office for the new back office team.
New project CODEradosť
We present to you a new initiative of Coderama company - the CODEradosť project! As an IT company, we have always looked for ways to contribute and help in society. That's why we have established this special project with the aim of bringing joy and supporting people and organizations where they need it most. The CODEradosť project allows us to provide financial support, volunteer hours, and our workforce to various institutions and organizations.
Codecon 2023
Codecon 2023 In May, we participated in the 7th annual Codecon conference. Up to 1000 developers and developers listened to 32 speakers discussing various topics from the IT world. Among the 21 exhibitors, we also had our booth in the style of "Obývačka" at Coderama - when you come to us, you feel at home.
Coderama on a yacht in Croatia.
Coderama on a yacht in Croatia In May, we set sail on a yacht to the beautiful Istria. A 15-member crew, including our owners and captains, cruised and enjoyed themselves on the waves of the Adriatic Sea. These are also the benefits of working with us!
We support young talents!
In March, we supported the Gymnasium Martin Hattala in Trstena, where the GMH HACKATHONU competition was held - a competition for young programmers. They worked on the Escape Room theme, where they programmed interesting IT solutions.

Our story
and values

In 2006, SiGP, a small family business was born in Žilina. Each person in CODERAMA is unique. People with different personalities, specializations, opinions, talents and abilities have been connected together to face daily challenges as a team. Over the years of our joint journey, we have built synergies that create innovative solutions of challenging problems.

  • we talk with each other transparently and openly. We make decisions together
  • we treat everyone equally and fairly
  • you are not a number. We have a personal / individual approach
Brainstorming k náročnému projektu
  • in CODERAMA you are accepted as a friend or family
  • you can feel at home here (literally)
  • we stick together and help each other
Partia zamestnancov na profilovej fotke
  • your potential will be used to the maximum
  • you do what you love, you're good at it and you're needed
  • you have space to develop and move yourself and the company forward
Veselý programátor

CODERAMA/SIGP has been writing its story for 15 years. Today we are an established company in addition to being one of the largest software houses in Central Slovakia. Still privately owned in Slovakia, without an investor. We have satisfied more than one hundred important clients with our quality, services and individual approach and delivered more than one hundred quality IT solutions. The last few years in particular have been progressive. Despite the pandemic, we have managed to grow significantly over the last few years. One would say a "successful company". But, we feel differently. Yes, the last few years have been successful. At the same time, they were a harbinger of something greater.

Matej Štafurik

I joined the company in 2013 as a .NET developer. From day one, I was impressed by my colleagues' passion for work, the technology and their pro-customer approach. I have always felt the huge potential of CODERAMA. When I got into management in 2016, I started to forge my own path with great humility but high ambitions. Thanks to our people, the use of state-of-the-art technologies, unbreakable motivation and especially our pro-customer approach, we have become a respected software house and a long-term partner of many companies in the software development area.

Daniel Beke
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Príbehy z Islandu pokračujú!
🏞️ Juraj:
❤🥳 Každý mesiac sa CODERAMA stretáva pri spoločných raňajkách naprieč celým Slovenskom - áno, virtuálne aj naživo.
❄️Dnešné ráno sme si špeciálne doplnili o zdobenie stromčeka, varenie punču a rozdávanie mikulášskych dobrôt. 🥞🥗🍳
Je príjemné na chvíľu spomaliť a porozprávať sa o všednostiach... a čo Vy?
Radi si pripomeniete obdobie Vianoc z detských čias?
🌍Predstavte si svet, kde vrcholy hôr škriabu nebo a každý krok vás privádza bližšie k oblohe. Tento svet nebol len snom pre nášho kolegu @jurajludik , ktorý prekonal hranice bežného objavovania a vydal sa na cestu do srdca Himaláji. Cieľ?
👉🗻Kala Patthar, majestátny vrchol ležiaci vo výške 5644 metrov nad morom, poskytujúci dychberúce výhľady na Everest. V článku, ktorý nájdete na našom webe @jurajludik  rozpráva o svojich zážitkoch, výzvach a nezabudnuteľných momentoch v Nepále - od základného tábora Everestu až po stretnutie s kultúrou a históriou tejto úžasnej krajiny.
Link na článok:
💥 V CODERAMA je zábava súčasťou našej pracovnej kultúry. Spolu oslavujeme rodinný deň, stretávame sa na našich pobočkách, či víkendujeme na uletených teambuildingoch. Záver roka je časom, keď spojíme všetkých CODEkamošov, počas ktorého sa kultúrne vyžijeme a zároveň podporíme krásne kultúrne miesta.
👉 V CODERAMA nám záleží na tom, aby aj práca a pracovné prostredie boli zábavou. Aj vďaka tomu sa uchádzame o titul NAJzamestnávateľ. HLASUJ za CODERAMA a VYHRAJ skvelé ceny od
👉 Hlasovanie nájdeš v linku v BIO.
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Už dlhšie som mal v hľadáčiku túto krajinu a teraz som ju už musel navštíviť. Ako prvé ma zaujala farebná paleta krajiny. Farby sú prvá vec, ktorá udrie človeku do očí a na Islande je to mix všetkého možného. Od čiernej sopečnej zeme, k oranžovej láve, žlto-zeleným sírovým poliam, krásnym zeleným lúkam, modrému moru, bielym ľadovcom, snehu, šedým machovým poliam…
Od prvého momentu sme sa nevedeli vynadívať na krásy, ktoré Island ponúka. Rozhodol som sa Island navštíviť s mamou a neľutujem, ja som šoféroval a ona zas varila. Island sme prešli celý dookola. Okrem prírodných krás na každom rohu stretnete aj milých domácich, cestovateľov zo všetkých kútov sveta a veeeeľa ovečiek s krásnymi koňmi. 🤩✌
🌍💼 Robíme CODEradosť aj za hranicami Slovenska!
Na Zanzibare sme rozdali miestnym deťom balíčky so školskými potrebami. 📚✏️ Ich úsmevy a vďačné pohľady hovoria viac než tisíc slov a prinášajú nám nekonečnú radosť. Zdieľanie a podpora vzdelávania pre nás znamená budovanie priateľstva naprieč krajinami.❤️
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