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Join us and enter the wonderland.

Come with us and take a look behind the scenes of CODERAMA. See for yourself that we're fun to work with, we know how to work hard, we take pleasure in the success of every colleague and that we have a great time. We guarantee that once you get here, you will not want to leave!

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Our story
and values

In 2006, SiGP, a small family business was born in Žilina. Each person in CODERAMA is unique. People with different personalities, specializations, opinions, talents and abilities have been connected together to face daily challenges as a team. Over the years of our joint journey, we have built synergies that create innovative solutions of challenging problems.

  • we talk with each other transparently and openly. We make decisions together
  • we treat everyone equally and fairly
  • you are not a number. We have a personal / individual approach
Brainstorming k náročnému projektu
  • in CODERAMA you are accepted as a friend or family
  • you can feel at home here (literally)
  • we stick together and help each other
Partia zamestnancov na profilovej fotke
  • your potential will be used to the maximum
  • you do what you love, you're good at it and you're needed
  • you have space to develop and move yourself and the company forward
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Benefits in the world

Anyone today can offer a good salary. We are different. With us, you'll really enjoy your work.

Individual approach, fairness and support
The possibility of project rotation
≠ boredom
No unnecessary bureaucracy
Unlimited education
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Nie, toto nie je reklama na realitku. 😅 V našom office sa budeš jednoducho cítiť ako doma. 🤗
Včera sme sa zúčastnili IT konferencie @codecon_sk 🔥🙂 V našej Coderama obývačke sme sa výborne porozprávali s milými účastníkmi, zahrali sme hry na playku, rozdali sme celý náš merch a parádne ponetworkovali. Ďakujeme každému za návštevu, o rok sa vidíme opäť. 🔥
Ruku na srdce...😅 mať IT polovičku nie je vždy ľahké. 😅

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Dokonalý darček neexist....🙈

Ale áno existuje a je ním naša CodeKačka. 😍 Takto sa z nej tešil náš CTO Karol. 🤗
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