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Business Support/Pricing

Business Support/Pricing

The Business Support and Pricing project includes the development of a backend API part for the internal Pricing App, which provides data from the database for the needs of the pricing department.

Notino (Czech Republic)
Type of project
Web application and backend API
from 2022


In the 18 years of Notino's existence, the company has become one of the largest online perfume and cosmetics stores in Europe. It currently provides its services in 28 countries around the world. The offer counts with 83 000 unique products from 1 500 global and smaller local brands. Last year alone, customers purchased 77 million products from Notino. We are developing a backend API part for an internal Pricing App that provides data from MS SQL database for the pricing department. This is where the assignment of products to pricing plans takes place and the subsequent calculation of product prices, which are then published to the eshop on the web. The price calculation takes into account whether the product is on sale, on sale, whether it has a fixed price or a price adjusted on the basis of the competition, etc. Overall, this procedure achieves the optimal margin for each product and for each country separately.


We work in a scrum that runs in two weekly cycles (sprints). At the beginning of each sprint, there is a planning session where we create a backlog together with the product owner that we want to work on. We set our goals and the work can begin. The developers gradually choose tasks from the backlog. During the sprint, backlog refinement takes place several times, where we evaluate if we have hit any obstacle that would prevent us from meeting the goal. The scrum includes various ceremonies. Every day there is a stand up where developers tell each other what they are currently working on and what they will work on next. Several times during a sprint there is also a grooming where we review tasks for the next sprint. The entire sprint is then concluded with a retrospective, where the team evaluates if the sprint was successful or if something went wrong during the sprint.


The applications we develop for Notino are used by the pricing department, which continuously makes its work more efficient. Part of the calculations is done at night, prices are then automatically published to the eshop on the web, and the other part of the work is done manually during the day. This optimises the load on the company's individual systems.

What one of the developers said

The project uses new technologies for me, and it will be an interesting challenge for me to learn and improve them.

Senior BE developer


Fraud prevention pool - FPP

CRIF (Germany)