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Margo is a medium-sized web-based information system with a huge database of company data deployed in several countries in Europe and Asia. It is designed for large customers that want to manage portfolios of companies for further collaboration using a large number of filters and operations over them.

CRIF (Italy)
Type of project
Complex project for public sector
2019 -


Coderama started from scratch with Margo and had the project in their hands from the beginning. Gradually more colleagues from Italy were added and currently the core team has around 30 people. This is because after the success in the Italian market, the project is expanding to other countries. Some versions are on Crif servers and new ones are already on OpenShift or AWS. The development of new modules and the extension of functionalities are constantly ongoing.


Margo is already released in Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Philippines and Switzerland. More countries and new modules with new services will definitely be added. It is a successful project that will not end so soon.

What one of the developers had to say

Margo is the best project I've worked on so far in my career, and for a number of reasons. Thanks to the modern technologies used as well as the will of the management to keep upgrading and improving them, technological stagnation is not a threat. The support for implementation in the area of your choice allows me, for example, a die-hard backend developer, to slowly get a feel for frontend technologies such as React, which I appreciate very much. Although the team is quite large within reason it is very efficient and well managed by a great manager who heroically bears the brunt of the consequences of Italian planning 😊. Also the whole team consists of a super collective. Margo is a project where I really enjoy my work and will enjoy it for years to come

Viliam Póčik

.NET developer



Notino (Czech Republic)