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Notino is a predominantly online perfume store founded in 2004. It is one of the major online perfume and cosmetics retailers in Europe. As an e-commerce project of this size is organizationally demanding to manage and develop, it is divided into several teams within the "Web" infrastructure. One of these teams is "Navigation".

Notino (Czech Republic)
Type of project
Web application, e-commerce
2020 -


The "Navigation" team develops and manages the part of the website that is tasked with navigating the visitor through its pages, whether directly product or branded, as well as accurately and reliably sorting the displayed products and filtering them according to various criteria. The team is also responsible for the Notino Beauty Blog and for ensuring that the various discounts and special offers work.


In terms of testing for QA, the "functional" testing proposed the creation and maintenance of REST API tests implemented via Postman. Swagger is used to document the REST API. API tests are not currently implemented in the GitLab pipeline, but this is part of the plans for the future. Tests for Frontend (React) are implemented via Cypress and are run in the GitLab pipeline within individual repositories. The Cypress Dashboard is used to manage Cypress tests, where reports and artifacts are also stored.


Several tools are used for "non-functional" testing (performance, load). Tests are created in Jmeter. Advanced settings and criteria are set via Taurus and results are displayed via Blazemeter, where history and reports are also stored. These tests are usually run at night, once a year, before the main season (Black Friday).

Words from developer

I am glad that thanks to automation in testing we managed to increase the quality of the product and reduce the number of reported bugs, which in no small part is reflected in the revenue of the entire company. The QA team is constantly growing, learning and following trends in the world of testing, and through their work each member has become an integral part of the development team. With plans for the future, I am not afraid of getting bored.

Michal Škuci

Automation Tester



CRIF-Slovak Credit Bureau, s.r.o. (Slovakia)