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Independent testing of electric vehicle batteries

Independent testing of electric vehicle batteries

Electric vehicle battery testing project for client Aviloo.

Aviloo (Austria)
Type of project
Testing, machine learning algorithm
from 2018


AVILOO has become a world leader in innovation in battery testing, monitoring and analysis in all areas of application - automotive, public transport, marine, aviation, as well as stationary, industrial and residential applications.


AVILOO decodes and interprets data from batteries, whether they are in electric vehicles, ships, construction machinery or stationary equipment - its solution decodes all current industry standards and configures a unique, custom developed AVILOO Box for each application. AVILOO has developed an independent testing system that provides a highly accurate estimate of battery health. At the core of the battery data analysis is the AVILOO Estimator - a powerful machine learning algorithm based on billions of collected data points that gets smarter and even more accurate with each additional data set. Data is processed and stored in real-time, secured to the highest standards and redundant in the AVILOO Battery Data Cloud. AVILOO Battery Cloud provides a configurable overview of millions of data points collected from the battery, which are then used for fully automated data analysis.


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