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The project includes an application called CosX that allows operators to create and edit info about companies from different countries. It also provides an option to buy a report about the company in XML or PDF format.

CRIF-Slovak Credit Bureau, s.r.o. (Slovakia)
Type of project
Complex project (web application and API)
2019 -


BIF was created to modernize an existing solution so that there would be an easier way to extend the project. The basis of the project is to allow the creation of new modules for the companies of a particular country and also to provide customization of the country-specific parts. The company information is in a common database, so clients from different countries can buy a report about other countries' companies.


Within CODERAMA we are responsible for the analysis, development, deployment and implementation of changes to new as well as existing modules. The bulk of our work is on the back end. We are mainly involved in creating XML and PDF reports, migrating company data, modifying database scripts and implementing external APIs. When creating new modules, we try to use the latest technologies so that the whole project keeps improving and modernizing.

What one of the developers had to say

There is a great opportunity to learn something new on the BIF project, I met a lot of smart programmers who are happy to help. People have a lot of experience in a different IT fields, but they are still eager to learn something new and then apply it to the project.

Patrik Kruželák



Integrated Service Point (IOM / IOS)

DXC Technology (Slovakia)