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FinIS portal

FinIS portal

FinIS is an Notino internal web portal that brings together different parts of their financial systems in a modern user interface. Its architecture is based on state-of-the-art technologies and is designed to handle large amounts of data and is developed with a focus on Notino's vision to expand its reach to other countries.

Notino (Czech republic)
Type of project
Web application, Backend services
2021 -


Notino's internal finance department was using an outdated system that no longer met basic legislative requirements. It was designed for smaller and medium sized businesses and was no longer able to cope with the increasing amount of data and processes of this rapidly growing company. The user environment was becoming slow and was also inadequate compared to today's standards. Continued use of the application would involve a significant increase in technical debt, and more complex communication with other internal applications would no longer be possible.


FinIS consists of the web application and a number of associated backend services that run on an internal Kubernetes cluster. The web part is built on the React framework using technologies such as Redux, Bootstrap, AgGrid, Formik or Babel. Backend services are implemented in C# built on .NET 6 framework with data access using Enitity Framework and Dapper, MS SQL database server is used as the primary data storage. The implementation works with a number of associated technologies such as Azure for internal authentication and authorization, Redis for data caching, Kafka to support asynchronous communication between services, Grafana for monitoring and alerting, etc.


FinIS is already in use by most internal finance teams and more are being added as its functionality expands. A number of automated processes are running in the background to make working with the system easier and faster. In the application, users create documents with items, upload scans, approve them, post them, etc. They can see the payment of documents by different payment methods, create various accounting reports and the new VAT closing system is now available. Application includes various reports, e.g. account turnover, balance sheet, snap to date, supplier balances, reports for the customs administration, etc. The administration and settings of the entire system are also available for authorized users. Currently, intensive work is also being done on the creation of new data structures. The most significant benefit of FinIS is the clear and fast interface for users to find everything they need in one place. At the same time, automated background processes are being modified and optimised to keep error rates and processing times low as the amount of data grows.

Word from a developer

I enjoy working in a team that is constantly striving to apply today's cutting-edge technologies and is not afraid to tackle difficult and complex challenges. Even with its growth in recent years, Notino still has a relaxed, informal atmosphere and a supportive environment for development, with the opportunity to leverage my experience and that of others. We learn from each other and there is always a willingness to help and pursue the goal as a team. At the same time, it is also great to see the result of your work and get feedback that the developed application improves and makes the work of other internal teams more enjoyable.

Miloslav Holúbek



Logistics - B2B Integrations

Notino (Czech Republic)