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Semi-automatic Navigation and Packaging Automation

Semi-automatic Navigation and Packaging Automation

Pallet-Warehouse-Terminal-Client is a PWA application that serves internally for Notino. It handles the navigation of Jungheinrich trucks and at the same time instructs warehousemen which position to stack the box/pallet to, or which position to unstack the box/pallet from.

Notino (Czech Republic)
Type of project
Progressive Web Application
2020 -


Since its foundation, Notino has made a strong effort to continuously speed up the process of picking, packing and shipping an order. One effort has been the purchase of semi-automatic carts from Jungheinrich that automatically navigate the warehouseman to the necessary position within the aisle. For these carts, a control terminal needed to be created to provide instructions to the warehouseman and easily navigate the cart through the aisle. For more info see Another effort to speed up a critical process in the warehouse was the procurement of an automated packaging line with product fixation from Savoye. The integrator for this machine is ATES. To give you an idea - link to a similar line solution: As can be seen in the video - despite the automation of certain parts of the packaging, it is necessary to put the products into the box manually, which is why the Packing Workstation Client application was created. It covers the support processes for displaying the contents of the order, the details of the individual products in the picking box but most importantly it guides the packer through the packing process in a way that anyone could do it. It currently supports packaging of packages destined for the Savoy line (they must meet certain criteria) but in the future it is planned to extend packaging using this application to all other types of packaging in Notino (standard packaging, gift wrapping and engraving, eco packaging, etc.).


The Packing Workstation Client consists of a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that is built on the ReactJS framework and a backend ASP.NET Core Web API service. The architecture of the backend service is based on Jimmy Bogard's vertical slices and Jason Tylor's clean architecture, which we tried to adapt to the environment, conditions and practices of software development in Notin.


Apps used every day in the Notino world that make work easier and more enjoyable for workers in the logistics part of the Notino world. The unified design ensures easy navigation through the apps, and the ability for PWAs to run the apps as a website or app provides countless benefits and ideas for future ways our apps could be extended.

Word from developer

I like being part of a cool team that works on apps with new and current technologies. The applications we develop make the job of warehousemen and packers easier, while avoiding the bugs that were present in old solutions and implementations. It is a good feeling during business trips to Brno to see the functionality of the applications and the smiles of the workers who appreciate our work. I've already tried my hand at Notino world and it's safe to say that I'm still not bored. Even if I get tired of working on logistics, I still have the opportunity to move to a team that deals with other issues that are solved in Notino (e.g. finance, web, database, devops and many other teams).

Dominik Holáš



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