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Ordering is one of the many eHealth services managed by the National Centre for Health Information.

Asseco CE (Slovakia)
Type of project
Web application, Backend services
from 2022


Ordering is one of the many eHealth services managed by the National Centre for Health Information. It allows healthcare providers to register and publish appointments for examinations. Citizens can use the web application to make a free appointment for a specific appointment during additional office hours, request an appointment during office hours, search for information about clinics, find information about an appointment, or cancel an appointment.


The aim of NCZI is to make the service more attractive, easier to use and at the same time to extend the service of E-Order with new functionalities such as: to enable citizens to make an appointment for a precise date even during office hours, to extend the possibilities of searching for appointments, to optimize the search for appointments, to temporarily fill an appointment on the portal in real time, to identify the patient in a single reference data base, to redesign the web application in accordance with the design manual of electronic services of the state administration, and many others. The eAppointment consists of a web application, synchronization application, backend and gateway services. The implementation of the change request required implementation interventions in all modules of eOrdering. The backend part is built on SOAP architecture, using .NET WCF technology. MS SQL database server is used as a data repository, to which applications are connected via tools such as Entity Framework and Dapper. The web application of the eOrdering portal is built on the ASP.NET Core MVC framework. Technologies like Bootstrap, Knockout Typescript are used on the frontend part of the application. During the implementation of change requests, they have been extended with others like SignalR and IDSK frontend. The EOrder Gateway needed to be transformed from a WCF service to a REST API based on the specification. During its implementation, modern technologies like .NET 6 and gRPC were already used.


Current status: The first major change request since the launch of the eProcurement pilot is in the final implementation phase and the next, follow-on change request is in the analysis phase.

What one of the developers said:

Despite the fact that eHealth uses relatively old technologies, I see working on the project as a very valuable experience. I learned a lot of new things, not only in the field of health information processing., Tomas

.NET developer



Bravida (Sweden)