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Entry/Exit System

Entry/Exit System

The Entry/Exit System (EES) is an automated IT system for registering non-EU travellers whenever they cross an EU border. Coderama is working on its integration into Slovak systems.

DXC Technology (Slovakia)
Type of project
Architectural design, Implementation, Testing


SIGP in cooperation with DXC Technology developing a new border system that will be established in the near future, by the European Union. The main purpose behind the founding of the EES is to register entry and exit data of non-EU nationals crossing the external borders of EU Member States in order to strengthen and protect the external borders of the Schengen area. EES will replace passports and help identify criminal intelligence.


The Entry/Exit System will be used by various governmental entities. The project is conceived as a set of server services, some of which will serve as a backend for the web applications under development and some for the integration of third-party applications. Application security is implemented using OAuth2 system with arbitrary user source (e.g. ActiveDirectory).


Police forces will have applications utilizing the Entry/Exit System. The developed user applications will have the ability to write and modify data, e.g. during border control or when managing and evaluating the collected data. Third-party applications will mainly use the interface for reading data, necessary e.g. for the control of persons staying in the EU territory.


expected launch


protected states

4.3 million.

km² of territory covered

419 mil.

protected people

What the client had to say

Coderama provided us with an entire development team for the entry-exit project, which was made up of pronounced professionals of varying seniority and focus. This team took on the project challenges and throughout proactively designed and implemented solutions that moved us all forward together. I would like to thank Coderama for taking great care in the selection of their people and putting a lot of effort into the recruitment process, so that we can always count on the highest quality and expertise of their people.

Lukáš Galan

Project Manager


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