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A finely-tuned LinkedIn profile can help you find a top job in IT.

Alexandra Vaszily|28.03.2023

Looking for a top job in the IT sector? Your LinkedIn profile can help.

When it comes to looking for a job, it is also good to look elsewhere than advertising portals. The LinkedIn social network can help you land a job that you would never find through an advertisement. Have you still not got your profile? Read on and we will convince you that there is no need to hesitate.

Today’s online world provides unlimited possibilities on how to find a prospective job. You can use advertising portals, Facebook groups, turn to your social bubble or browse through websites of popular employers, such as our subpage Career. However, there is another option that is worth using. This is LinkedIn, which connects professionals from all over the world and from various industries. 

Why be active on LinkedIn?

HR employees love LinkedIn because it gives them the opportunity to directly contact profiles that meet certain requirements for certain positions. On the other hand, you get the opportunity to receive interesting domestic and international offers, even if you are not currently looking for a job. It allows you to collect valuable work contacts, share professional content or discuss current topics with people from the profession. LinkedIn is simply a place where no professional should be missing from.


How to increase your attractiveness?

What should you do in order to be interesting to employers? A few valuable tips can help:

Adjust your profile

It is just not possible without a profile. However, LinkedIn is neither Facebook nor Instagram. The rule here is that more is more. Thus, the more relevant information and experience you can give about yourself, the more attractive you will become for employers. Do not forget a representative photo, captivating intro and publicise every job position with their duration and detailed job description. It can also help to add a link to your portfolio and various work outputs that you are proud of. Supported formats are: .pdf, .ppt/.pptx, .doc/.docx, .jpg/.jpeg, .png or .gif., while the maximum file size is100 MB.

Build your contact network

A profile alone is not enough to use the full potential of this site. Its goal is mainly to connect people from various industries across the internet. It is actually a kind of online networking without the embarrassing moments. Do not hesitate to collect new contacts which may come in handy one day. You can search for them (and LinkedIn also offers them to you) according to previous jobs, schools, industries or interests. Join groups and follow pages, read content, comment and share. Your activity will bring you visibility, contacts and job offers. 

Get references

By connecting with people whom you once worked, studied or otherwise collaborated with, you can use another function of LinkedIn. Your acquaintances can write you references that can help you stand out in the eyes of HR employees. In doing so, they must always specify your work relationship and what position your worked at that time. It is, of course, fair if you also write a reference and mutually help each other. Another similar function is Endorsement. It is a kind of confirmation from people for your Skills, which you can fill out in your profile.

Be proactive 

LinkedIn is not about passively waiting for a company to contact you. It pays to be proactive and in various ways. You can choose your favourite brands and companies, connect to the people who work there and directly let them know that you are interested in working together. If you do not have a specific company in mind, you can create a “Job alert” and that lets the public know that you are on the hunt for a new job. You can also add to your profile information about the types of services you provide and what kinds of collaborations you are open to. You can find it directly in the profile header under “Open to”. 

Create your own content

Last but not least, LinkedIn is about sharing knowledge, news and experiences. Therefore, do not hesitate to create your own content. This is the right place if you have anything to say and share with the professional public. Publish case studies, presentations or websites that you worked on, stir up debate under posts and let others know about your successes. This network offers great potential to gain visibility in your industry and it is practically free. 

Educate yourself 

You can now even educate yourself on LinkedIn thanks to a platform LinkedIn Learning. You will be able to find a great amount of courses and workshops that can even more increase your chances on the market. If you work or would like to work in IT, you can find here programming courses in the languages of Java, JavaScript, SQL, Python and other beneficial topics. You will get a certificate after completion, which you can post on your profile. You can try the courses on a monthly trial version.

We wish you luck on your journey in finding your dream job, whether you find it on LinkedIn or directly with us in Coderama:) 


Alexandra Vaszily

Marketing manager