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Medior Scrum Master
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Medior Scrum Master
Kandidát R. T.
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Young and passionate Scrum Master and IT Project Manager with eight years of team leading in various felds. My greatest strengths are my IT background, deep agile mindset, ability to learn from mistakes, well developed out of the box thinking, prioritisation skill and most importantly, the ability to adapt to the needs of the projects and the people working on that project.

Národnosť: Slovak
Seniorita: Medior
Skúsenosti: 5 rokov


Scrum lead
MS Office


German - B2

English - C1


2016 - 2020
Information management

Faculty of Management science and Informatics


Learned basic management and marketing tools and skills,

Discovered passion for project management and leadership

2013 - 2016
Computer science

Faculty of Management science and Informatics

Programmed a few simple apps in Java and Assembly,

Learned creating and managing computer networks (CCNA 1-4 certifcates)

Pracovné skúsenosti

Scrum master

Creating a new data center for Industry 4.0

Activities and Responsibilities:

  • Leading people in the ways of agile development
  • Communication with teams, Product owners (PO), stakeholders, Release train engineer (RTE) and Agile coach
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Creating and managing the capacity plans for current and future product increments (PI)
  • Executing the scrum ceremonies
  • Active participation on the SAFe framework processes
  • Maintaining Jira boards and filters

About me on the project:

I started working on this project as the development team was expanding from 7 people to 12 and I became responsible for the process of splitting the team into two individual teams. The team split was successful and after overcoming some doubts from the developers I managed to convince them it was a good idea. It reflected on the amount of work done as the benefint of splitting was huge.

I've adjusted the processes so it was fit for the teams but still in terms of SCRUM and SAFe, which lead to deeper understanding of SCRUM in the teams and they became more mature in the ways of Agile and SCRUM. We became the most predictable and best performing Agile Release Train in the company, according to the Head of Software Department. That is a huge achievement as 2 of 3 teams in the train were mine and Kistler is one of the best Swiss companies with worldwide production and impact.

After about a year of the splitting, there was a huge downscale in the team member count planned, due to management decisions and the new project phase. All the developers from external companies parted their ways with Kistler and the two teams had to merge once again. This process is very difficult, mostly if you're aim to maintain the predictability and the performance, because you also have to deal with the frustration of the team from losing half of the colleagues on the project. I've managed it successfuly as well and the team is still part of the best performing and most predictable Agile Release Train in the company

2020 - 2022
IT project manager / Scrum master

Team with around 10 people.

Necessary communication with other departments like HR, Financial, Legal, Security and IT to make the final Product convenient,

About me on the project:

My work here started when I was still a student and it was the biggest project of the company. I was responsible for the management of the process all the way from creating the plans to the delivery management. Scrum mastering and reporting was my daily routine, on top of that I had to understand the HR stuff including the law of Slovak republic, I had to know a lot of stuff about the internal processes in the companies so I could prepare the plan, divide it into features and stories accordingly. After uploading a release I was the first line of communication.

Smaller projects for big networking companies,

Teams up to 6 people.

About me on the projects:

These projects were managed mostly from the customers side, my job here was mostly to check with the customers if things are on track and prepare the Statement of Work (SoW) for the next three months

2017 - 2020
Vice president

Organisation and preparation of events for the faculty (Faculty of Management science and Informatics)

2015 - 2020

Teaching and leading of new speakers,

Live broadcasting, recording,

Being a public speaker at various events

2019 - 2019

Consultant for ENOVIA on the PLM platform 3DEXPERIENCE,

Scrum Master of an own small project of 5 people 

2017 - 2018
Team leader at Design and Development

Team leader of a group of 3 intern students,

Increasing effectiveness of a certain part of pre-production process