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Architect Java Developer Architect
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Architect Java Developer Architect
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* Experienced, dedicated and result driven

* Skilled in Java development, team leading and delivery management for more than 20 years

* Able to provide Java technical and architecture solution, skilled in application integration

* Leading multiple delivery teams up to 100 FTE

* Experienced with Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan, Scrum of Scrums, LeSS

* Experienced in core delivery processes such as stakeholders, risks & issues, change, scope, schedule, budged, quality, resources, requirements, reporting, engineering practices

* Providing technical guidance and support

* Focused on client requirements, delivery, quality and team collaboration

Advanced Technology: Core Java Development, Cloud Fundamentals, Engineering Excellence, JVM, JDK and Tools, Static Code Analysis, Version Control Principles, Technical Debt Management, Requirements Analysis, Architecture Governance, Code Review, CI/CD, Refactoring, Code Quality Practices, Application Architecture, Software Engineering Practices, Business Analysis, Risk Estimation, Code Standards, Scrum Master


  • Standard: XSL, SOAP, Azure Virtual Machines, Jakarta EE, Git, UML
  • IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Computer Language: Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, XML, Java, JavaScript
  • Operating System: Linux, Microsoft Windows
  • Framework: Spring Boot, JUnit, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate, Apache Maven, Spring WebFlux, Gradle, Spring, Spring Core
  • Data: NoSQL Databases, MySQL, Azure AI + Machine Learning, MySQL Workbench, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Oracle RDBMS, Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL
  • Other: Azure Developer Tools, Azure Storage, Azure Blueprints, Microsoft Sentinel, Azure Key Vault, Azure Advisor, Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, Micrometer, Apache ActiveMQ Classic, Akka, Staffing Desk, Akka Streams, Azure Application Insights, Azure Relational Databases, Azure Container Instances, Azure Pipelines, Azure Tools, Azure Networking, Azure Cost Management + Billing, Azure Identity, Azure Policy, Azure Monitor, Akka Persistence, Azure Containers, Azure Log Analytics, Apache Kafka Streams
  • Web/Application Server: Web Services, Oracle WebLogic Server, Apache Tomcat
  • Solution: Perforce, Postman, IntelliJ Platform SDK, Microsoft Outlook, Thymeleaf, Jira, Jenkins, Nexus Repository, TortoiseSVN, Terraform, Gitlab, Rational Rose, Azure CLI, Lombok, Elasticsearch, GitHub, JBuilder, Azure Resource Manager, BitBucket, Puppet, Oracle SQL Developer, SourceTree, VisualVM, Azure PowerShell, Drools, Apache POI
  • Platform: EJB, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack

Národnosť: Slovak
Seniorita: Architekt
Skúsenosti: 24 rokov


Spring Framework
JBoss Application Server
Spring Boot


English - B2



1995 - 2000


Pracovné skúsenosti

Delivery Manager,

Customer: Alert Innovation

Customer Description: Software & Hi-Tech

EPAM Project Description: Managing the Alert Innovation program as an offshore Delivery manager. The program consists of two projects and one program

Project 1: ALER-ACS

Project 2: ALER-EMBD

Program: ALER-RCS / RCS2 / RCS3 / RCS4/ RCS5 / RCS6/ RCSM(Sustaining team)


Software built into robots to move, control and monitor functions


Frontend UI for monitoring, controlling and simulating tasks


Features of robotic control systems (RCS) for the direction, movement, control and monitoring of Alert robots

Team Size: Account Manager, 1 Onshore Delivery Manager 1

Offshore Delivery Managers: 1 (me)

Project Coordinators: 3

Scrum Masters: 2

Business Analyst: 1

Solution Architect: 1

RCS team

Developers: 56

QA: 18

ACS team

Developers: 5

QA: 1

EMBD team

Developers: 9

QA: 2

Project Roles: Delivery Manager


  • Delivery management of 100+FTE of various project roles - project coordinators, scrum masters, Java/C++/Angular/Python developers, SQA, AQA, Business analyst
  • Running multiple individual projects as well as a group of projects managed as a program
  • Driving program delivery alignment
  • Project management (Jira, Confluence, EPAM Delivery central)
  • Building Account development plan
  • Building Business continuity plan
  • Resource management - Staffing(Staffing desk), Location strategy, Relocations, Interviews
  • Risk & Issue management
  • Communication and building relationship with Stakeholders
  • Creating an onboarding process for a customer
  • Coordinating sustaining team
  • Business trips management
  • Management of dependencies between individual projects
  • Reporting to stakeholders - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly - Sprint, project, program level
  • People management (Motivation, attrition, surveys, regular talks, town halls, MIC sessions)
  • Technical debt management and proposals
  • Consultant for SOW preparation
  • Managing/Mentoring development leads and project coordinators
  • Proposing and Implementation of Engineering excellence practices to increase the quality and development processes of the customer

Tools and Technologies: Redis, MariaDB, Jenkins, IntelliJ IDEA, BitBucket, Confluence, GitHub, TestRail, Gitlab, Jira, Java, AngularJS, C++, Microsoft Azure, Spring Boot, Angular, gRPC, Kubernetes

2020 - 2021
Lead Developer

Customer: Masternaut - Telematics and Tracking

Project Description: Creating new gateway platform based on Azure cloud services. The goal is to collect vehicle's data (position, speed, etc..), normalize data, provide to internal and external systems

Team Size: DEV:4, QA:2, SM:1, PM:1, DEVOPS:1

Project Roles: Java developer, Team Leader, Architect


  • Implementation of microservices to collect, process, normalize data from various data providers(Renault, Ford, ...) and various devices
  • Build new gateway platform based on azure services
  • Implement activation/deactivation vehicles data collection as azure functions
  • Cooperation in architectural solution
  • Coordinating planning, estimation and prioritization process
  • Building CI/CD pipelines
  • Leading Development team

Tools and Technologies: MongoDB(CosmosDB), IntelliJ, Robo3T, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Jira, Bitbucket, Java11, Akka (Actor, Stream), Azure functions, Azure Event Hub, Azure API Management, Micrometer, Springboot, Kafka, Agile, Scrum

2018 - 2019
Lead Developer

Customer: Caterpillar US

Project Description: Creating multiple microservices serving to collect data from engine sensors in various ways and formats, normalize data and provide data for other systems. Implementation of monitoring and reporting system

Team Size: DEV:5, QA:1, PM:1

Project Roles: Team Leader, Java developer, Architect, Scrum master


  • Implementation of data collection tool, integrate existing systems and share data between
  • Data normalization for internal microservices
  • Leading development team
  • Provide architectural solution's accepted by customer
  • Evaluated and elaborated  KPIs in close collaboration with business stakeholders, communicate workflows to project team
  • Organize and manage Scrum ceremonies
  • Providing and presenting reports
  • Providing demos to customer
  • Collecting and setting priorities of client requirements
  • Managing backlog

Tools and Technologies: Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, IntelliJ, Jira, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Java11, Springboot, Springcloud, Azure EventHub, AWS S3, Agile, Scrum

2011 - 2018
Lead Developer

Customer: Performgroup UK

Project Description: Building platform for video content distribution

introducing master fixture list as single point of truth of sports events,  creating Integrity and Data quality monitoring tool's for monitoring and reporting

Team Size: DEV:7, QA:2, SM:1, PM:1

Project Roles: Java developer, Team Leader, Architect, Scrum  master


  • Implementation new features of video content distribution to AWS
  • Implementation support applications for monitoring and maintanance
  • Implementation of application for automatic cutting of video content
  • Implementation of video availability restriction algorithm based on geolocation
  • Implementation of fulltextsearch based on cassandra
  • Implementation Master Fixture List of sports events(data ingestion from multiple sources)
  • Implementation configuration specific for B2B / B2C
  • Implementation of Data Quality Monitoring tool
  • Implementation of real-time data collection of baseball and american football
  • Migration applications from on premise to AWS
  • Leading development team
  • Management and organization of scrum ceremonies
  • Collecting customer requirements, managing backlog and setting priorities
  • Providing presentations and demos to customer and internal teams
  • Participate in architecture brainstorming meetings
  • Participate in creation and definition of migration to AWS process
  • Mentoring team members

Tools and Technologies: Oracle, Casandra, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Eclipse, Jira, MySql Workbench, SQL Developer, Jenkins, Tomcat, Jetty, Github, Gitlab, Java 1.6, Java 1.8, Spring, Springboot, Hibernate, JPA, Spring-REST, Spring MVC, JSP, GWT, HTML, Javascript, PLSQL, MVN, ANT, Puppet, AWS, Agile, Kanban, Scrum

2010 - 2010
Lead Developer

Customer: AAREAL Bank Germany

Project Description: Building new bank software platform Cassiopae served to collect, manage and distribute data to/from old/new platforms. Implement monitoring and reporting system. Data migration from SAP platform

Team Size: DEV:4

Project Roles: Java developer, Team Leader


  • Implementation of application served to reading/mapping/transfering data from SAP to new Cassiopae system
  • Leading and mentoring development team

Tools and Technologies: Oracle, Eclispe, SQL Developer, Jira, Maven, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, PLSQL, XML, Agile, Scrum

Jan-2008 - Aug-2010 - Java developer, Team Leader, NESS KDC

Customer: RTC Swiss, BEKB CH

Project Description: Internet banking / Admin client

Team Size: DEV:4, QA:1

Project Roles: Lead Developer


  • Implementation new functionalities in internet banking application
  • Implementation new functionalities in admin application
  • Leading development team
  • Participate in definition of deployment strategies
  • Participate in definition of deployment architecture

Tools and Technologies: Oracle, Subversion, Eclipse, Maven, J2EE, JSP, JSF, Spring, Webwork, Waterfall model

2006 - 2007
Java developer, Team Leader

Customer: RTC Swiss, BEKB CH

Project Description: Dispoautomation

Team Size: DEV:5

Project Roles: Lead Developer


  • Development batch applications collecting and distributing bank informations to third systems
  • Leading development team
  • Act as customer first contact

Tools and Technologies: Oracle, WebSphere, Eclipse, Subversion, Maven, J2EE, Spring

2005 - 2006
Java Developer

Customer: SVC Austria

Project Description: E-Health - health information system

Team Size: DEV:25, QA:4, PM:1, ARCH:2

Project Roles: Developer


  • Design and implementation web admin application of E-Health solution

Tools and Technologies: Oracle, Eclipse, Subversion, Tomcat, J2EE, JSP, Hibernate, Struts, Javascript

2000 - 2005
Java developer, TIBCO developer

Customer: T-Mobile SK

Project Description: Mobile Number portability - automated information sharing and notification system

Team Size: DEV:2

Project Roles: Developer


  • Development of TIBCO adatpers used for Phone number portability between mobile telecommunication providers

Tools and Technologies: N/A, TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO Administrator, TIBCO EMS, XML, Javascript

Jan-2003 - Dec-2004 - Java developer, TIBCO developer, Siemens PSE

Customer: T-Systems Austria

Project Description: Mobile Number portability - automated information sharing and notification system

Team Size: DEV:3

Project Roles: Developer


  • Development of TIBCO adapters used for porting mobile phone numbers between providers and notification other customer subsytems

Tools and Technologies: N/A, TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO Administrator, XML, Javascript

Jan-2002 - Dec-2003 - Java developer, Siemens PSE

Customer: LFRZ Austria

Project Description: Price accounting - data collecting and reporting system for various agriculture segments

Team Size: DEV:3, QA:1

Project Roles: Developer


  • Implementation of web application used for data collection
  • Implementation of reporting system with specific report templates(predefined form's) for each segment

Tools and Technologies: Oracle, Eclispe, Subversion, Maven, Tomcat, J2EE, Struts, JSP, Javascript, XML, XSLT, Apache FOP

Jan-2000 - Dec-2002 - Java developer, Siemens PSE

Customer: Siemens Austria

Project Description: Building prototype of Toll Collect system

Team Size: DEVs:12, QA:3

Project Roles: Developer


  • Development of toll collect prototype
  • Development of administration and configuration part
  • Building specific serialization/deserialization secure communication protocoll

Tools and Technologies: Oracle, JBuilder, JBoss, Erwin, J2EE, JDBC, XML, JSP